Reviews Tinedol

  • Trisha
    I started walking towards the swimming pool and after a couple of weeks I felt an itching between the toes. With time it spread to the foot, and all the added smell. The teaching of medicine is not necessary for you to understand that it is a fungus. I remembered that the day before had seen the comments about the cream tinedolso I decided to try. He coped well, the symptoms were very quickly, and most importantly, re-infection has not been well, in spite of the fact that the water aerobics class they won't let me. So I advise everyone to try tinedol!
  • Alvin
    I don't know where he managed to collect this material, but athlete's foot has caused me a great inconvenience. Of feet and shoes there was a terrible smell, even though I have a good hygiene. To go to the doctor and I was embarrassed, so I decided to self-medicate. Bought one ointment after another. Some have removed the itching and the smell, but only for a time, and some symptoms of weakness, and only at the time of the request. I understand that to be shy can't go, when I realized that the skin is covered with small ulcers. The doctor advised me cream tinedoland it's only salvation. The fungus does not return for the third month, so I recommend to all!
  • Abegail
    The daughter came in from the country and began to complain of itching feet. Without delay, we went to the doctor. It turned out to be a fungus. The doctor suggested a cream Tinedol and he said that, despite its totally safe composition, it is very effective. A couple of times I applied the cream, and the third time that the daughter has refused to be treated as nothing disturbs, but the course still, we finished. In a couple of weeks I felt trapped, she decided that the doctor must not go and appointed Tinedolthat is also perfectly!
  • Andrei
    I've always thought that the smell of feet is natural. But when they began to appear cracks, the nails and the plate becomes thicker, I knew it was time to go see a specialist. I was prescribed a course of special pills and cream tinedol. The result did not wait – now live without shame for the "smell" of the legs.
  • Nicole
    The husband has a fungus, but the doctor, of course, to the unit was impossible (there is nothing to make any arguments), so I decided to look in forums that people has helped. All are highly valued Tinedolso I decided to order it. I don't know how he would have done another drug, but this one was having symptoms very quickly, and recurrence after using the cream, my husband was not. So I recommend to all!
Reviews Tinedol